Thursday, November 09, 2006

Back again!

The 'smart new environment' has not arrived, it is due to start sometime this month. My Health and Safety skills are being dusted off and brought back into the daylight as my services as H&S rep for Unison are called upon.
An issue that has been developing for sometime has now fermented sufficiently for the management side to call me in. Obviously I can't tell you lot the details, that wouldn't be professional, would it? I'll hint at my progress as we work our way through, suffice to say I've met with the aggrieved and arranged a meeting with the 'other' side.
Moving on. New technology at the school fails to impress. The new student reporting application has more bugs than a ferral cat, but hopefully, as my skills with MS Access and VBA/VB improve things should run a tad more easily. It's Year 9 report day tomorrow, if my next entry is in upper case - it will be a sign of metaphorical screaming!

How many wives does a bloke need! Father, long lost, nomadic, prone to female attachment, is getting wed - again! That'll be the fourth, and he is 77. Oh, well! There was no inheritance left anyway, I hope he'll be happy (he usually is!) and Julie and I will see him on the big day. It does mean, though, that I shall have to make sure my visa is up to date as it takes place within the perimeter of the M25 - lock doors, place crowbar next to driver's seat, practise diplomatic protection escape manoeuvres, keep route map open at correct page for alternative travel plan, don breathing apparatus so as not to be poisoned by the polution, carry phrase book to translate strange local dialect - I'm not really a city person, you see!

Poor Julie fell in the bath last week. Gave her noggin a right old clonk! Whipped her off to the local A&E where, after only an hour, she was diagnosed as only bruised and sent off to buy paracetamol and ibroprufen. Satisfied that she was going to survive for the next three days she went off to her 'scrappin' retreat' to recover. Three days in a posh hotel on Gloucester made her feel better. If you visit the UKScrappers website you'll probably find out details of what they got up to. AJ and I survived on 'K rations' - pizza, wine and NASCAR on the telly!

'night all ...