Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Holiday season...

Well, summer's here!
AJ has been having his driving lessons and (according to him) is doing very well. He hasn't hit anything, hasn't broken the instructor's car and arrives home unscathed!

Work continues apace. Didn't get the secondment, but then again I didn't expect to, being the new boy and all that. We have two new members in the team, both 'seniors' as they know more than I do. So I shall have to make sure they work harder than I do, too! We are another member short as Sarah has gone onto maternity leave. That'll teach her!

David left for greener grass at Hewlett-Packard - I did a small caricature for a leaving gift for him, it was well received by all at the office - and boosted my Brownie points.

I'm spending a bit more time at the 'other' office at the present, due to the tasks I have to complete, probably only temporary. I hope so - they are a bit tight with the tea.

The union branch office has a vacancy for a news letter officer which I quite fancy a go at, so I spoke to the ex-officer who has been seconded elsewhere. I am expected to attend the next branch meeting to discuss with them the next step. I shall weigh up the pros and cons, but it doesn't seem too arduous with 4-6 issues a year. Should have a response by the end of September.

We've been away in the camper a couple of times - but you'll have to read about them elsewhere - see you there shortly...