Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Half a year on ...

My NC750x 2014-2016
My NC750x 2016 onwards
It's been a busy nine months in all respects, and especially in the transport department.

In my last post I told you about the article in Twist&Go magazine. In that I sang the praises of the NC750x as a great commuter and workhorse.

In March she was due for the annual service, and the two year warranty was about to expire. The nice man at the Honda dealership (Crescent Motorcycles) gave her the once over, to see if anything needed fixing under warranty, before it expired. All was in order, but, of course the showroom is filled with sparkly new machines ...

As the old one was approaching 16,000 miles i made tentative enquiries about PXing for the new model, or maybe up to an Africa Twin, or down to a CB500x.

I talked myself out of the Africa Twin because, although a great bike, it would be the equivalent of taking kids to school in a Range Rover - nobody in their right mind would do that ... would they?

So I took the CB500x for a test ride. And what a great commuter that is, but I found that I had to work it too had for the 50 mile round trip that is my daily commute. So the NC750x was still in play.

The 2016 version is similar, with a few styling changes, but notably the dummy tank storage has increased by a litre, and the front and rear suspension have been upgraded, with Showa forks on the front and a pre-load adjustable mono-shock on the rear. This makes the handling noticeably crisper.

Economy is still brilliant - seems to be slightly better than the 14/15 model, and the new instrument pod is clear and concise. I've retained the standard screen, as it is larger that the previous one. It isn't as big as the replacement, but I am comfortable with it. May be if I was taller ...

Needless to say I was easily convinced of the wisdom of buying the new model, and favourable terms were offered by the dealer. So at the end of March I took delivery - and over 5000 miles later I'm still smiling.

Might be some video on line soon, if I can find some interesting roads or events to show you.

Ride safe.