Sunday, October 26, 2008

Winter approaches - so does NaNoWriMo!

I know, I've been slacking!
Well, Hamilton has bucked up his ideas - a bit. He's still inconsistent and lacks maturity, and with one race (Brazil) left he has not yet clinched the championship.

Contributions to 'Pop and Crisps' continue, my latest extolling the virtues of the 1972 Vauxhall Viva were posted last Friday (see previous post for address). My two newsletters continue to go out as planned. I move to a new department, job wise, next month - more of that some other time, because ...

... The Big News is NaNoWriMo! The National Novel Writers Month. This is the tenth anniversary of this event and I'm signed up and ready to rock!

The challenge is to write a novel (a short novel by today's standards) of at least 50,000 words in a month. That means rattling off more than 1667 words every day. Characters and plot may be planned before hand but writing mustn't start to 00:01 1/11/08 (or 11/1/08 if you are 'over there') . The novel must be uploaded to their web site for word count validation before 23:59 30/11/08. If you are paranoid that they'll pinch your good work, they will scramble it for you. Chances are anything I write will look as if it is scrambled anyway!

Gotta dash, will post more soon - promise!