Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MotoGP Silverstone

Woohoo! My VIP ticket has arrived!

Julie treated me to a special ticket for my 'special' birthday, and I've had to contain my excitement since January. Now the ticket has arrived, and it's all coming together.

On Sunday 1 September my son, Alex, and I will be up at dawn and heading north to Silverstone. When we get there we will be treated to breakfast, balcony viewing of the days racing, lunch, and the VIP works.

I'll post a photo round up after the event.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Another Vid on YouTube

Whenever I ride I always clip on my Drift HD helmet camera. You never know when you'll need that little electronic witness.

On the days I work in Winchester I usually use the M27 / M3 to get there in the morning, and have a relaxed ride home across Morestead Down. On 14 August, as I had heard on the local radio - Jack FM, actually - that the M27 was blocked due to an accident, I decided to go in to work over the downs.

It was a sunny morning, which made the contrast between shadow and bright sun difficult for the camera to adjust to. My view, as the rider, was better than the video shows because the good old human eye works better than the best lenses in that department.

Anyway, of the 40 or so minutes I travelled to work, these seven are the best - overtaking!

I've got a leisurely ride planed for the beginning of September, I'll try and get some interesting footage for you.

Here's today's offering - The Morning Rush Hour

The bike is my Honda FJS600 Silver Wing, and the route is from Park Gate, through Burridge, Bishops Waltham and Morestead on B, and unclassified roads.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

An observed ride

For reasons I shall keep to myself, for the time being, I have switched my allegiance from the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists) to RoSPA's RoADAR (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Advanced Riders).

It was my second ride out with my new observer, the first was about as wet as you'd like and in the growing gloom of a murky evening. This time we took the Silver Wing and his GS1200 from Ower Services on the A36 up to Romsey, Otterbourne, Wickham and Denmead, crossing back to Burger King at Hedge End for a debrief.

The Honda behaved perfectly, and I received favourable comments from the observer. In all, a good morning's ride, with constructive advice, and a good chat about the biking world.

What a different ride. Nearly 100 miles, by the time I got home, and in the dry, and in the daylight. Much more progressive. No Drift-cam footage unfortunately, but I will get some more on YouTube as soon as I can find something to entertain you.

Hampshire RoADAR can be found at :
The group is not very active, unlike the IAM, but are helpful if you contact them. Why not join? With some new blood, things could be a lot different.